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Plan B, Taxes & Fees Tyrants, and a Lesson of Efficiency...



February 14 · Issue #4 · View online

Email digest by Financery of the most interesting stories and blogs related to personal finance. Curated by Chuck.

This week we stress the value of contingency plans in our personal finances, heed a warning about how fees and taxes can eat our investments, and search for our personal efficiency. And an update about the Amazon gift cards giveaway.

1. Plan Bs, Redundancies, and Contingencies
2. The Tyranny of Fees & Taxes: A Case Study
3. Finding Your Personal Efficiency
Bonus: $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Update
Thank you to all 300+ of you who entered the giveaway. The two gift cards will be drawn randomly Sunday morning from the members of this list and based on your number of entries. The winners will be announced on my Twitter feed on Sunday:
Good luck!
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